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We are specialists in medical negligence and related claims for compensation against hospitals, GP surgeries and other medical professionals (in both the public and private sector), dentists, chemists, opticians, and physiotherapists.

We are among the leading medical negligence claimant practitioners in the UK, offer a nationwide service and have the specialist expertise to properly investigate and pursue your claim beyond that of most firms.

Millions of people are treated by the NHS (and private providers) every year. Many of them have nothing but praise for the care which they receive. Given the hours that some medical staff are asked to work and the conditions that they are sometimes expected to work under, you may feel that it is unfair to blame them when something goes wrong. Indeed the media and politicians reinforce that view, sounding off about the so-called compensation culture at every opportunity. Very often though, it isn’t a case of blaming individuals – rather the institution which allowed those conditions to prevail in the first place.

While we cannot demand miracles, we are entitled to receive a reasonable standard of professional care – that, after all, is what medical institutions are paid considerable sums of money to provide us with.

The consequences of medical negligence can be quite literally devastating, and may not become apparent for many years. Such cases are notoriously difficult to prove, and for that reason it is vital that the claimant is referred to an established and highly experienced team of health care lawyers.

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