Dermal filler or Botox treatment claims

Whether you have the vanity and resources of Simon Cowell or not, it has become extremely convenient and easy to have those nagging lines improved by a simple, relatively pain-free injection or two.

When it goes wrong, however, or the results are not what you were promised, is there anything you can do?

What should I do?

Well, first and foremost, do the obvious: complain to the therapist or clinician as soon as possible, and keep a record of your complaint. Allowing him/her to take further action may of course be what you want…..but it may equally compound the issue and be the very last thing you need.

Above all else, seek advice from your GP as to what medical intervention may be available. You might be referred to a dermatologist, plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

When you feel able, however, and if you are so minded, consult a solicitor from Lloyd Green to find out whether you can make a successful claim for compensation.

Legal considerations

In our experience, these Botox/filler procedures are most frequently administered by staff who are nearly always medically unqualified and usually lacking in all but the most rudimentary of training. A “Level 2 Certificate” or such like quoted is commonplace but can mean very little.

Quite often the clinician has performed the procedure reasonably enough but this does not necessarily absolve them from legal liability. If your post-treatment appearance was not as it was promised to be (adverts, photographs, and verbal promises are usually made to encourage you to have the procedure in the first place) you may have been the victim of a so-called misrepresentation which can lead to damages, which can include the cost of getting experienced, professional treatment.

Obviously, in addition, a claim can always be considered where an actual careless error was made in the course of the procedure.

Is it worth claiming?

The amount you may be entitled to is always dependent upon the degree and extent of any disfigurement or impairment, and the degree of permanency of the same.

Other aggravating features include the extent to which the treatment impacts upon, for example, other facial functions e.e.g speech, sensitivity, taste, vision.

Or where you may have had a psychological reaction, quite understandably, to the unsatisfactory outcome of the treatment, and the extent and length of this reaction.

Usually, awards tend to be between £1,500 and £2,500.00 but will be considerably greater than this if the effects are more serious and/or more long lasting.

As stated above, you would ordinarily also be entitled to the cost of private treatment to rectify any error made where relevant too, along with associated expenses.

Our Solicitors and helping you

Unlike many other firms who may use unqualified staff to handle such claims, at Lloyd Green, solicitors, you can be assured of expert assistance since your claim will be handled only by one of our 4 specialist personal injury solicitors who can point to and rely upon almost 60 years experience between them in dealing with personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

We act on a no win, no fee basis so you need have no fears on that score either.

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