How it works

Rapid initial assessment

Enquiry is received via the phone, e-mail or website and client is spoken to and details taken in relation to any potential claim. Based on this limited information we obtain a view at no cost to the client from a leading expert on whether there could be a potential claim.  That initial view is given within 72 hours.

Lloyd Green’s approach to this stage is key – many other firm’s will charge fees  and it may take up to 6 months for a decision as to whether no win no fee might be offered.

Obtain medical records

If there is a potential viable claim the client is asked to sign the appropriate Medical Authorities to request and obtain the medical notes.  These can take up to 40 days to be received.

Final decision about viability and no win no fee

Once received the expert is reacquainted with his original note and the medical records are sent for review.  Within 3-4 days the expert will determine whether there is a viable claim to be made, and if there is we will immediately draft a Letter Before Action to proceed with the matter.

Under our system, a decision on prospects and whether we can offer no win no fee is likely within 2 months of enquiry and before significant expenses are incurred rather than a much longer process in most firms.