General Practitioner Negligence Claims

As the first port of call when we have a medical complaint, General Practitioners (GPs) are heavily relied upon; it is their job to spot whether someone has a minor infection that can easily be treated with a course of antibiotics, or whether a complaint is potentially more serious and needs to be investigated further.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous instances where GPs have failed in their duty of care to patients and medical conditions have either been misdiagnosed or undetected until a later point when serious complications have arisen.  Patients or their families who have been affected in this way have reported a vast array of additional symptoms ranging from pain right through to death in the most severe of cases; an unnecessary delay in diagnosing or detecting a patient’s medical condition could literally mean the difference between life and death.

At The Injury Clinic, we have all too often seen the repercussions of a negligent GP’s actions; yes, mistakes happen, but when that mistake is made by a GP, a person that we are taught to trust and put our faith into, we see it as our duty to recover appropriate financial compensation for the affected person or family.  Our legal and medical experts have extensive experience in dealing with all types of successful GP negligence claims and are here to help you.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position where your GP has made a clinical error, then contact The Injury Clinic today in order that we can assess your negligence claim and whether you are entitled to financial compensation.

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