Negligence during childbirth

Tragically, situations have occurred where medical professionals involved in the labour and delivery of children have been found negligent; this area of clinical negligence is perhaps the most heartbreaking of all.  Children that could have been born perfectly healthy have unfortunately been left with conditions such as cerebral palsy due to a negligent medical professional.  In a number of cases, children have also died, leaving their parents and relatives bereft at the loss.

If you have found yourself in this horrendous situation then please know that The Injury Clinic can assist you; we know that money cannot replace the loss of a child, however compensation can assist you in progressing financially. 

Contact The Injury Clinic today if you have suffered medical negligence during the birth of your child; our expert legal and medical professionals are here to help you through this difficult process.

The Injury Clinic works on a no win no fee basis.

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