Cosmetic Procedures and Surgery

Human nature means that we automatically tend to trust medical professionals, but at The Injury Clinic, we know only too well that trust can be very misplaced.  We see the after effects caused to our clients when they have trusted that a cosmetic procedure or surgery would solve their medical complaint, but instead, has made the situation even worse.

Those looking to cosmetic medicine are often unhappy with something about themselves; this leaves them vulnerable to certain “professionals” claiming they have all the answers to fix the issue.  We know that cosmetic procedures and surgery are not legally obliged to be carried out by a medical professional with specific training in these areas, however, not everyone is aware of this fact.  Cosmetic surgeons are not required to have any training specifically in the cosmetic surgery field in order to carry our cosmetic procedures.  That in itself is an extremely scary prospect.

Contact The Injury Clinic today if you are unhappy with the outcome of a cosmetic surgery procedure; ensure that the negligent “medical professional” is not able to ruin another person’s life.  Our highly experienced and compassionate legal and medical experts will assess your negligence claim and determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation.

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