Thyroid Cancer Misdiagnosis

The thyroid is actually a gland located in the front of the neck and has two lobes, which are shaped like a butterfly. Although small, the thyroid performs a major role as it controls our metabolism and energy levels, as well as growth, by producing hormones.

Background to Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer occurs when a malignant tumour grows within the thyroid gland. There are four main types of thyroid cancer, which are papillary, follicular, medullary, and anaplastic thyroid cancer. Paplillary is the most common form of thyroid cancer, accounting for approximately 80% of cases diagnosed. Anaplastic is the least common form of thyroid cancer diagnosed, accounting for approximately 1% of cases diagnosed. If caught early, most cases of thyroid cancer can be easily treated and do result in a cure.

Unfortunately, thyroid cancer is a type of cancer that can be seen across all ages groups, with women being more prevalent to it than men.

A large proportion of people present to the doctor having noticed a painless lump or swelling in the neck. Other symptoms, which can signify that the disease has advanced, include pain in the neck, hoarseness and difficulty breathing or swallowing.

There are various treatment options for thyroid cancer, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, radioactive iodine and surgery; the specific type of thyroid cancer that an individual has will determine their exact treatment plan.

Although most incidences of thyroid cancer do have a very good outlook, it is very important for people who have had the disease to have regular examinations throughout their lifetime. It has been known for thyroid cancer to return years, even decades, later.

Misdiagnosis of Thyroid Cancer

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