Negligent Dentists

As with all medical professionals, we trust them to provide us with a correct diagnosis and treatment solution.  When this doesn’t happen, it can be a disastrous situation for the patient and their family.

We are taught to visit our dentist every 6 – 12 months and we should fully expect that they will inform us of any issues or concerns together with an appropriate treatment plan.  Unfortunately, not all dentists adhere to this; as NHS dentists are pushed to accept and treat more and more patients, it inevitably means that appointment times become shorter and subsequent treatment can become hurried.

Additionally, due to the length of time that some treatment options can take, coupled together with the cost of performing them and the amount the dentist might recover, the most appropriate treatment option may not be offered.  Instead, a quicker and cheaper alternative may be offered, for example extraction of a tooth rather than root canal treatment.

If you have received negligent dental advice and treatment then contact The Injury Clinic today in order that our legal and medical experts can assess your negligence claim and determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation.

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