Negligent Hospital Care

At The Injury Clinic, the nature of what we do means that we personally see and hear of too many instances where a hospital, both NHS and private, has provided sub-standard medical care to a patient.  Although patients of all ages can be affected, a large proportion of the time it is the elderly who are; imagine if your mother or father were not treated as they should be just because they are old.  Now imagine if the reason for that was because the hospital concerned didn’t have sufficient staff on duty to care for their patients and look after their needs.

It has been widely reported that hospitals just cannot cope with the amount of patients they have, particularly at weekends and during festive periods.  As a result of this, patients are receiving poor medical care and in some instances, hospitals have been completely negligent in their treatment of patients.

In particular, the elderly are vulnerable and often cannot verbally communicate concerns or ailments to hospital staff.  It is a known fact that a number of deaths in the elderly have occurred because of hospital failure to provide them with food and drink, the most basic of human necessities.  This is just not acceptable.

If you or a relative has received poor or negligent hospital care, then contact The Injury Clinic today in order that our legal and medical experts can assess your negligence claim and determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation.

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