Surgical Negligence

Surgery is generally the last resort for most people; it is certainly not something that should be entered into lightly as risks and complications can occur with any surgical procedure, no matter how minor.  Your surgeon should inform you (or your next of kin) of the risks and complications for your particular procedure and ensure that you (or your next of kin) fully understand them prior to giving consent for the procedure.

There have been numerous instances however, where surgical complications have arisen that have caused unnecessary pain and suffering for the individual concerned.  In a proportion of cases, the most severe complication, death, has arisen.

If you or a loved one has been on the receiving end of a negligent surgeon, whether through the NHS or in private practice, then look no further and contact The Injury Clinic today.  Our team of expert legal and medical personnel are waiting to assist you in your negligence claim and pursue the financial compensation that you deserve.

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