Emily Hale


I grew up in Dubai and returned to the UK to study English law in my teenage years.

I began my career at a large Personal Injury law firm in Central London handling claims for victims of Road Traffic Accidents, work based accidents and accidents caused by local authorities or other entities with a liability to the public. I quickly became interested in the more complex claims and moved to a specialist department dealing with Industrial Disease claims, mainly acting for victims of Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

I was then offered the fantastic opportunity to join Lloyd Green Solicitors’ buzzing Personal Injury team in the heart of Chelmsford. I joined here in 2010 and undertook my Training Contract in order to qualify as a Solicitor.

During my Training Contract I spent a seat in Medical Negligence which I thoroughly enjoyed. There is a huge sense of injustice when you are dealing with clients who have been so wronged by the health profession who we are taught to trust and look up to, so it is very rewarding to be part of the process of compensating these victims and assuring them that the health profession accept that wrongdoing has occurred and will do all that they can to avoid repetition of wrongdoings.

Since qualifying at Lloyd Green Solicitors, my caseload is blossoming and I have taken a keen interest in Cosmetic Negligence.

In today’s society, there are cosmetic procedures offered nigh on everywhere, from hospitals and clinics undertaking surgical procedures, to salons, beauty parties and market stalls offering cosmetic treatments. Having a cosmetic procedure nowadays is often seen as on par with having your nails done, there is little to no stigma attached to these procedures anymore and we believe that the procedures are safe nowadays.

In most cases, they are safe. However, as the demand for these procedures increases, there are more and more surgery/treatment providers who perhaps aren’t properly regulated or perhaps aren’t taking the care that is properly needed in these life changing procedures.

I feel very passionately that people undergoing such procedures to enhance themselves, should not be left worse off, often needing correctional procedures, left out of pocket and feeling completely let down by professionals they had placed their trust in.

Luckily for me, at Lloyd Green Solicitors my passion is my work and I hope to be here for many years to come.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, swimming, travelling, socialising and listening to music. I live in a small village and enjoy getting involved with community events, especially as both of my parents are Parish and District Councillors I get a lot of opportunity!



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