Jennifer Whitwam


As a Trainee Solicitor in 1997 I spent 6 months in my firm’s Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Department and knew immediately that this was the area of law that I wanted to specialise in. I qualified as a Solicitor in 1999 and spent the next 4 years working for Trade Union law firms, helping their members get compensation for personal injury and medical negligence claims.

From 2003 until 2010 my career took a different turn; The College of Law, London asked me to become a Law Lecturer teaching Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence law to post graduate students. I relished this new challenge, and took great pride in educating and supporting the young solicitors of the future.

I joined Lloyd Green Solicitors in 2010 as a solicitor in the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Department. I am now back doing the job I love; advising and helping victims of accidents and medical negligence to gain compensation following injuries where others are at fault.

Over the last 16 years I have helped many people to get the compensation they deserve. In an ideal world, people wouldn’t have traumatic accidents, be exposed to harmful substances/practices at work or receive negligent medical/cosmetic treatment but unfortunately, in reality these injustices still occur.

Cosmetic surgery and treatments are a growth industry and regrettably, as more practitioners offer these treatments and more people use these services, there is an inevitable increase in the number of victims of negligent operations and treatments. What victims of these mal practices really want is to turn the clock back to the time when they hadn’t suffered harm and distress, whilst I can’t do that, I can get them their rightful compensation. This hopefully enables them, where possible, to pay to have the treatments put right. I firmly believe that making Defendants pay for their negligence leads to changes and improvements in their practices and avoids others suffering in the future.

I try to support my community, not just as a solicitor, but also as a responsible parent and governor at my local infant school.



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